About Gary Van Zinderen

Gary Van Zinderen living in Fargo, ND, has honed his skills in the kitchen ever since living on his own in college. There is a creative process that is associated with cooking that allows for imagination, experimentation, and balance that is revealed through the process of preparing and serving an elegant meal. Many dishes that Gary creates have basic recipes to begin with but the challenge and art of mastering a dish is the process of personalizing and growing a meal that is reflective of the cook themselves.

Gary van Zinderen appreciates the full process of meal preparation from deciding what to make, gathering the freshest ingredients, to experiencing the first aromas that develop. For Gary, cooking is a social endeavor that is best experienced as a team or group. The fun is in the creation and social connections experienced by all who part-take in the process.

New ideas and possibilities are developed when people work together trying new ideas that one may not have thought of alone. No dish is ever quite the same, and the memories that are associated become as individual as the meal itself. The culmination can be a delicious and satisfying meal that is shared best among friends.